Founder & CEO of I-Ally, a community-driven app for millennial family caregivers.

I-Ally is a community-driven app that saves millennial family caregivers time, reduces stress, and enables informed decision-making by providing the services and support that fulfill their unique needs.

Lucinda Koza founded I-Ally after her own experience becoming her father’s full-time caregiver at a young age. The lack of support she experienced spurred Mrs. Koza to dedicate her life’s mission to advocating for and giving voice to millions of invisible laborers in the US and beyond.

I-Ally has partnered with Evolution Health Systems to offer this anonymous, self-guided behavior-change program for millennials. If you are feeling depressed, are anxious, if…

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What is Give InKind?

Give InKind is an easy-to-use online tool for organizing support during life’s important and challenging moments. Each InKind page empowers communities to help from anywhere through a Care Calendar, Wishlist, News and Updates, Fundraising, and more. From the birth of a baby, to the loss of a loved one, to medical crisis, and disasters, Give InKind makes support simple so that no one goes through a big moment alone.

Give InKind was started with a notebook, a sea of flowers, and two grieving parents. After experiencing the unexpected loss of their first child, Founder, Laura Malcolm, and her husband, James…

Guiding Principles:

The health, stability, and beauty of natural systems are essential to human well-being. Wise and responsible human activities will identify and protect sensitive natural and cultural resources and will use management and development techniques designed to protect and enhance the soil, water, air, and wildlife habitat.

A robust and sustainable local economy provides an improved standard of living and quality of life for current and future residents of the Edisto River Basin and will foster conservation and responsible use of the natural and cultural resources in the basin.

Local governments that have accurate information and well-reasoned objectives…

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I-Ally is for the family caregiver. I-Ally is not for the patient.

There are many communities and apps that focus on the patient, treating the family caregiver only as an extension of that patient. Mostly, the focus is on the patient and the family caregiver is completely invisible.

We believe the family caregiver needs services and support created solely for them. The family caregiver deserves a service focused on their wellbeing alone, and this is the only way a family caregiver can truly achieve wellbeing.

We believe family caregivers feel victimized, when in fact, they are extremely powerful.

As a result of being taken for granted by other family members, healthcare organizations, government policy and society at large, in addition to possibly feeling they had no choice in the assuming of their role as caregiver, these volunteer laborers are highly prone to depression and illness.

This can be accomplished by education and advocacy with the intention of battling ignorance on every level.


Written by Lucinda Koza

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Photographer: Cory Bouthillette | Source: Unsplash

I wasn’t simply driving his car away for a while. I was taking it into my permanent possession. My dad cannot drive anymore as a direct result of the dementia and Parkinson’s he suffers that make a meal out of his loss, emptiness, and unbalance.

He had agreed that I would take his car so that I could sell mine and come out better for it financially. Still, the visceral feeling that I was taking something from him overwhelmed me. This man, who once seemed to live out of his car…

published in the Web App Market

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I Ally: A Bridge For The Caregivers

Being a caregiver can be as taxing as it is rewarding, and the role often goes underappreciated. While a support network of family and friends is crucial, apps can also help in alleviating some of the stresses that come with caregiving.

The world of caregiving apps is growing, and it needs to. People get stress by drawing a wide array of tasks to solve various challenges in their day to day life.

Luckily, more and more app developers are creating tools that make it easier to multitask…

Originally published in FemFounder

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Lucinda Koza is the Founder & CEO of I Ally, a holistic support app for young family caregivers. Lucinda is a Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneur and has been featured in Authority Magazine & Thrive Global’s Heroes of the COVID Crisis Series. She is a Founding Member of Tech Ladies, owns the social media marketing agency Got It Done Gal, and is proud to be her father’s primary caregiver.

Can you tell our readers about your background?

I grew up in South Carolina, where my father was a civil rights advocate in the state legislature, and my…

Originally published in Data Bird Business Journal.

UPDATE: Lucinda is also featured in the Book Founded by Women!

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Lucinda Koza is the Founder + CEO of I Ally, an app created for and by family caregivers. She is a member of the current TechCrunch Include Cohort, SheWorx + AWS Startups Mentorship Program 2020, All Raise Org’s Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau, and the Lyfebulb Patient Entrepreneur Circle. She just received Honorable Mention in the Lyfebulb + Orexo Innovation Challenge and received Honorable Mention for Intermitten’s 2020 Changemaker Award. Her writing has been published in Thought Catalog and Medium Women. …

Published here on PR NewsWire

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GREENVILLE, S.C., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — youturn, the leader in therapist-led content for people struggling with substance misuse, announced a partnership with I-Ally, a rapidly expanding platform of caregiver resources. The partnership will allow a mutual sharing of resources. youturn member employees will now have access to I-Ally’s robust resources to help unlock young family caregiver intelligence through support, empowerment and other needed resources.

“We’re excited about this new partnership that allows us to better connect families in need with resources around caregiving and addiction support,” Shay Houser, co-founder and CEO, youturn says.


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